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    Comments: Six years ago I had my right arthritic hip replaced by the posterior method. After 2 days in the hospital I went home with a full leg brace, using a walker, sleeping(hardly) with a huge wedgie between my legs. Very painful, especially trying to sit on the toilet. After 2 weeks I went from the walker to two crutches, still only 50% weight bearing. After 4 weeks, I went to one crutch still had the wedge and "don't cross your legs" restrictions. I finally graduated to a cane after 2 months.

    Now, my other arthritic hip was badly in need of replacement and I scheldued surgery with the same doctor but luckily and serendipitously I met an older than me person(I'm 73) who couldn't stop raving about his new hip and his experience with Dr. Greenhow to the point I promised him I would get a "second opinion" before going to surgery set for the next week. I called Dr. Greenhow's office the next day, set up an appointment and was so impressed that I cancelled my operation with the first doctor who said there was very little difference between the surgeries and I "shouldn't mess with success".

    I am such a lucky lady. From the time I woke up in the recovery room, I have been saying, "WOW", "WOW"! The difference is Huge! 100% weight bearing my very first step! I asked the nurse again to be sure I heard her right and "no restrictions"? Compared to my first hip, I couldn't believe it. Then home with no heavy brace, no walker, no crutches, no spongy wedgie....just a cane! The crutches were there but I never used them, just a cane from the very first day. Wow! It is now week 5 and I am no longer using the cane and have only minor soreness around the incision site that improves everyday. Wow, what a difference from my other hip surgery and its recovery. In my opinion and from my experience with both procedures, the posterior method should be outlawed. Thank you Dr. Greenhow for being such an outstanding, talented, caring, surgeon. You have made such a difference for me for the rest of my life.

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

145 Inverness Drive E. Suite 220,
Englewood, CO 80112

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