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    Comments: Please, please, take it from a patient who had the posterior approach in Feb/2012 with another doctor and the anterior approach with Dr. Greenhow April/2012, to not even consider the posterior lateral! The recovery, the limitations, the pain are so much greater with the posterior approach and I am here to say that I couldn't be happier with the results from Dr. Greenhow and tell everyone I come into contact with that not only is the anterior approach the way of the future, but Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics have the training, the knowledge, expertise above any others I've researched. I am four months out and totally new again. In one week I was without walker or cane and had I not been restricted from the first unfortunate surgery, I would have been 100% in much less time.

    The reason I didn't have the anterior approach the first time (which is what I researched and knew I wanted) was that I was told by another doctor the posterior approach was also "minimally invasive" and "same as the anterior". You cannot know the frustration and disappointment to learn my glutes were cut, my movements restricted for 3+ months, walker for 3 weeks, cane thereafter, pain level high for 2 weeks and continued pain further out. I have learned other ortho docs lead you to believe "minimally invasive" is the same and it is NOT! Do no suffer as I did. Compare and learn the facts and then go for what I consider the only approach. Do your homework and you will learn as I did, that Dr. Greenhow and Dr. Loucks excel at this procedure. I sincerely believe one day the anterior approach will become the norm, abandoning the near brutal/barbaric posterior approach that makes no sense to perform. I love my new hip and highly recommend it and Dr. Greenhow, Peak Orthopedics and Skyridge. CDC

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

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