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    Comments: I had my first hip replaced in Feb. 2011 after years of painful walking. I was amazed at the short surgical time and again at the short hospital stay - less than two days. The pain was certainly manageable and walking almost immediately after surgery was totally unexpected. My sister had her hip replaced before me using the posterier approach. She wasn't able to put weight on her hip for 6 weeks!!! It took her 6 months for full recovery and she is a mountain climber, exercise fanatic and health nut! I had my second hip replaced this Feb. and everything was the same as the first hip a year earlier. I was glad that I had done some research to find the anterior approach with Dr. Greenhow before ever committing to have surgery. Thank you Dr. Greenhow and staff!!

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

145 Inverness Drive E. Suite 220,
Englewood, CO 80112

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