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    Comments: Although I was referred to Dr. Greenhow by my primary care physician, I did research on different orthopedic doctors in the area. The opinions were all the same: Dr. Greenhow is one of the best. I had a scope on my knee to repair a meniscus tear in 2008, rotator cuff repair in 2009 and a knee replacement in 2011. Except for the meniscus tear, Dr. Greenhow prescribed cortisone injections, hyalgen injections and/or physical therapy before the decision was made to do surgery.

    The rotator cuff repair was a success. The shoulder is stronger than ever. Friends and family were impressed that I have not had any problems with the shoulder. They had heard stories that this type of surgery could be a very difficult one to recover from.

    After a course of treatments with injections on the knee, the decision was made to do the knee replacement. Everything went fairly quick after the decision was made. A CT scan was done on the knee and my surgery was scheduled for six weeks later, so my specific part(s) could be made. With the ConforMis knee replacement, the devices are made specifically for the patient -it isn't a one size fits all!!! Sky Ridge's Spine and Total Joint Center (where the procedure was done) even had a class that patients went through so they could know what to do and expect before and after the surgery. This was a great tool, as it really prepared me for the surgery and the following recovery.

    The knee replacement took place in March of 2011 and in March of 2012 I received the "all clear" from Dr. Greenhow. I don't have to see Dr. Greenhow for six years now. The knee replacement and the ensuing physical therapy (don't ever forget to do the PT - it is a very integral part of the recovery) gave me my life back. I now walk without pain. Eventually my other knee will have to be replaced, and I won't hesitate to have Dr. Greenhow perform the procedure.

    Both Dr. Greenhow and the staff at Peak Orthopedics have always been professional, courteous, knowledgeable and caring through my journeys. Thank you Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics for giving me my life back.

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

145 Inverness Drive E. Suite 220,
Englewood, CO 80112

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