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    Comments: Wow, what can I say, my experience with Dr. Greenhow was amazing. We did a Total Hip Replacement - Anterior Approach - on February the 22nd, 2012, and today (April 2nd, 2012), and I was back at work 2½ weeks later!! I am walking and moving around, actually forgetting that I had the surgery... Wow, less than 7 weeks after my surgery... I am almost running up the stairs, and forgetting not to flat out sprint when crossing streets! Haha. I do want this to last, so I will hold off on the running I was back at work in a bit less than 3 weeks, amazing I'd have to say! People at work just didn't understand, they were in a bit of shock, and couldn't believe how fast I recovered! I now refer everyone I can! I have to say that probably the best moment post op was when I tied my shoes standing up, I take nothing for granted anymore. My pain has totally, yes... totally disappeared! Amazing. My Physical Therapist was amazed when he saw 'No Restrictions' on the referral! :-) He then went on to working me hard, which I was very proud to show him I could do whatever he asked. I will head out hiking with my boys this weekend, and probably play a round of golf. I feel like I have a new, pain free life. All I can say, is that this minimally invasive approach (He didn't cut any muscles or tendons) to THR is what I've been waiting for, and I am so happy I did. See you on the slopes next season!!!

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