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    Comments: I had been in a lot of pain from my right hip during 2011. The pain was excruciating just doing normal activates around the house or yard. During a round of golf I usually started really hurting after about 5-6 holes. I was living on Aleve. In early December I had made a decision that I probably needed to talk to a surgeon about a total hip replacement. I searched for several weeks late last year to find the latest technology for total hip replacements and local surgeons that perform this procedure. After looking at several resumes of Surgeons and visiting with two of them, I settled on Dr. Greenhow. (I might add that my every day Medical Doctor had recommended a Doctor who is well versed in hip replacements, albeit the standard posterior method. I saw too many of these and their long recovery times. I didn't want this at my age of 75.) As part of my due diligence I talked with a patient who had used Dr. Greenhow. The remarks were quite complimentary. This added to my desire to have Dr. Greeenhow perform the surgery.

    At this juncture I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Greenhow for his professionalism, his knowledge and skills in the Anterior approach for my right hip. I can't say enough about the post surgery recovery time. I left the hospital with a walker and when I got home I used a walking stick for a day then that was it for support. I started walking and just continued to do what felt right. I dumped the pain meds the day I got home and when to Tylenol at bedtime. I started PT about three weeks after surgery and only slight pain after a workout. I am ready for golf after 6 weeks. I continue to ask myself why I didn't do this sooner. In conclusion, I think having the Anterior procedure performed was the right decision but a big part of the easy recovery was due to the skill of the surgeon, Dr. Greenhow. Thank you Dr. Greenhow for letting me be able to continue my daily life without pain.

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

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