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    Comments: To my surprise, at only 58 years of age, I faced the prospect of Total Hip Replacement surgery. Fortunately, as an anesthesiologist working with Peak Orthopedics at Skyridge Medical Center, I was aware of a new surgical technique for hip replacement known as "minimally invasive" or "anterior" Total Hip Replacement. Dr. Craig Loucks, (as well as his partner, Dr. Rob Greenhow) are nationally recognized experts in this procedure. After undergoing the procedure as an inpatient as Skyridge Medical Center, I recovered extrodinarily quickly and easily. I was walking without a walker on the first day after surgery, and was discharged home on the 2nd day after surgery. I took almost no pain medication. Within a week, I was able to drive a car. I went back to work full time in the operating room after 3 weeks. I played ping pong after 4 weeks. I am now walking smoothly and back to all routine activities. I expect to be skiing this spring. My wife is amazed and grateful for my speedy recovery!

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

145 Inverness Drive E. Suite 220,
Englewood, CO 80112

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