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    Comments: In mid-May I contacted your office from Florida, which is where my husband and I spend the winter months. I had had an anterior hip replacement there in Feb. 2009, which unfortunately had developed loosening of the acetabular component, and was causing me horrendous pain. The original surgeon said he did no revisions! ( My only other option was to have a posterior revision done by another surgeon, and I did not want that. So after spending a lot of time on your website, decided to call for information. I want to compliment Carla because she answered the phone, was so friendly and helpful, and took the time to listen to me. Eventually she connected me to Beth! This turned into my salvation. Beth was patient, knowledgeable and guided me to send her a packet ahead of my arrival to give the doctor as much information as I had available.

    I was stunned by their professionalism, compassion and willingness to be helpful. I am so grateful! I was given the earliest appointment possible with Dr. Greenhow, on May 31st, and was lucky enough to get flight arrangements to get here on time. I had my anterior hip revision surgery on June 27th at Skyridge with Dr. Greenhow, and I am presently recovering. Dr. Greenhow is such a busy surgeon, but took a lot of time to examine me initially and explain all the facts. He also has taken the time to call me back and speak to me when I have had questions and concerns. I can only speak in superlatives about Dr. Greenhow. I am most thankful for this generous treatment by him! Please express my heartfelt "kudos" to all I have mentioned.

Robert J. Greenhow, M.D

145 Inverness Drive E. Suite 220,
Englewood, CO 80112

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