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    Wow, what can I say, my experience with Dr. Greenhow was amazing. We did a Total Hip Replacement - Anterior Approach - on February the 22nd, 2012, and today (April 2nd, 2012), and I was back at work 2½ weeks later!! I am walking and moving around, actually forgetting that I had the surgery... Wow, ...

    ~ R G ~

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    I had hip pain for several months that kept getting worse. It got where I was using a rail to pull myself up the stairs, or I would turn backward and sit and use my arms to scoot up the stairs one at a time. I'm 66 years old an weighed 288lbs at the time. It was getting hard to use the stairs at all...

    ~ J C ~

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    First a knee in 2009, then a hip in 2010. I've convinced my grandsons that I am going to become a Transformer! Dr. Greenhow did a terrific job on both procedures. I actually left the hospital the day after the surgery on my hip. His procedures are state-of-the-art, his office staff and assistants ar...

    ~ J H ~

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    Although I was referred to Dr. Greenhow by my primary care physician, I did research on different orthopedic doctors in the area. The opinions were all the same: Dr. Greenhow is one of the best. I had a scope on my knee to repair a meniscus tear in 2008, rotator cuff repair in 2009 and a knee replac...

    ~ K C ~

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    Right around the first of the year, I began the descent into chronic hip pain that I knew would require surgery. I was facing what I thought was a surgery with daunting restrictions and a long, slow recovery. I began the process of searching for a doctor. A co-worker happened to see a segment on TV ...

    ~ J C ~

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    I would like to take this opportunuity to Thank Dr. Greenhow, for a job well done. I can't say enough about my surgery and recovery. I have not felt this good in a few years and I just had surgery on Friday and today is Wednesday. I am back to work and doing fantastic. Dr. Greenhow how can I express...

    ~ T C ~

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    I had my first hip replaced in Feb. 2011 after years of painful walking. I was amazed at the short surgical time and again at the short hospital stay - less than two days. The pain was certainly manageable and walking almost immediately after surgery was totally unexpected. My sister had her hip rep...

    ~ S B ~

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    Please, please, take it from a patient who had the posterior approach in Feb/2012 with another doctor and the anterior approach with Dr. Greenhow April/2012, to not even consider the posterior lateral! The recovery, the limitations, the pain are so much greater with the posterior approach and I am h...

    ~ C W ~

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    At 47, I was shocked to find out I needed a hip replacement. After speaking with numerous doctors, I still did not feel comfortable with the traditional approach for my hip replacement. Then a friend recommended Dr. Greenhow. I wanted to make sure I received a state of the art implant, I wanted a qu...

    ~ J C ~

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    I will recommend Dr. Greenhow and Peak Orthopedics & Spine in a heartbeat! I had total hip replacement surgery on 10/22/12, went to my son's soccer game on 10/24/12 in the rain, and walked over a mile to and from the Bronco game on 10/28/12. Surgery was on Monday at about 9 am; got to hospital room ...

    ~ S. H. ~

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