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    I enjoyed meeting Dr. Greenhow. All of the other staff that I met were also right on. Dr. Greenhow gave me several options for both of my knees to help their issues of zero cartilage. They took x-rays to verify this condition. While there are many good doctors out there, I believe that Dr. Greenhow ...

    ~ Sarah Miller ~

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    Kind, intelligent, thorough, on time and very explanatory. I highly recommend this Dr.

    ~ Donna Kelley ~

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    I had a good appointment with Dr Greenhow I jus wish that I had asked him for exercises that I could do to strengthen my knees.

    ~ Judy Tumlinson ~

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    In mid-May I contacted your office from Florida, which is where my husband and I spend the winter months. I had had an anterior hip replacement there in Feb. 2009, which unfortunately had developed loosening of the acetabular component, and was causing me horrendous pain. The original surgeon said h...

    ~ D F ~

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    To Dr. Greenhow, A note to express my deepest appreciation for my superior total knee replacement performed 5 1/2 months ago. You are truly a miracle worker! This week I climbed & hiked to the very top of Shrine Mountain off Vail Pass & Eagle Mountain plus Silvan Lake without a minutes trouble or po...

    ~ M G ~

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    Dr. Greenhow gave me my life back!

    I was referred to Dr. Greenhow by my primary physician but did further research before agreeing to a knee replacement. I spoke with Dr. Greenhow's medical colleagues: a physical therapist, a nurse at Skyridge hospital and a medical equipment salesper...

    ~ D P ~

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    October and December 2007 both of my hips were replaced in Rapid City, SD. The right hip was in constant pain for 4 years. If you watch TV, my hips were the ones recalled. To see Dr. Greenhow is a 900 mile round trip. It is worth it! Five days after the operation I was walking as good as I was at 5 ...

    ~ R S ~

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    I desire to thank Dr. Greenhow, and all associated with Peak Orthopedics & Spine for their professionalism, care, consideration, respect and sense of humor from the start to finish of my left hip surgery/replacement (AMIS - Anterior Minimally InvasiveSurgery). All were excellent. In addition, Sky Ri...

    ~ A T ~

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    To my surprise, at only 58 years of age, I faced the prospect of Total Hip Replacement surgery. Fortunately, as an anesthesiologist working with Peak Orthopedics at Skyridge Medical Center, I was aware of a new surgical technique for hip replacement known as "minimally invasive" or "anterior" Total ...

    ~ Dr. G. Sullivan ~

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    I had been in a lot of pain from my right hip during 2011. The pain was excruciating just doing normal activates around the house or yard. During a round of golf I usually started really hurting after about 5-6 holes. I was living on Aleve. In early December I had made a decision that I probably nee...

    ~ R F ~

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