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    I began to experience pain about 2 years prior to surgery. Everyday became a chore centered around how to manage the pain in my hip. I really did not want surgery and was afraid to go thru it. However, I was referred to Dr Greenhow by 2 different people who both assured me I would be pleased with th...

    ~ M H ~

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    I spent many years as a professional ballet dancer. After that, I was still very active in athletic endeavors such as tennis and skiing. As a result, my knees were bone on bone and very painful. I consulted with Dr. Greenhow after his being recommended by another client. I have had both knees replac...

    ~ J H ~

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    At the age of 58, my arthritis had become so bad in my knees that I had to finally resort to taking a wheelchair from the gate to the terminal at the airport. At that point, I said: "No more!" I was tired of living my life as a cripple and I was still so young.

    I have had both of my k...

    ~ L W ~

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    Six years ago I had my right arthritic hip replaced by the posterior method. After 2 days in the hospital I went home with a full leg brace, using a walker, sleeping(hardly) with a huge wedgie between my legs. Very painful, especially trying to sit on the toilet. After 2 weeks I went from the walker...

    ~ C R ~

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    I had my left hip replaced Feb 15,2012. I am currently 54 years old and very active. My medacta hip replacement has been very successful.

    The anterior approach surgery was done beautifully by my surgeon Dr Robert Greenhow. I am back to riding my bike 6,000 miles per year and enjoyin...

    ~ C C ~

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    I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I think you’re an ortho wizard. 2 years ago you gave me a new hip. 5 weeks after surgery I was mowing my lawn. I had my first knee done 6 years ago and was miserable for months and dreaded this one. Comparatively, this one has been a breeze. I recommend...

    ~ J M ~

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    Thank you so for such an outstanding surgery and super quick recovery on my left hip! You and your staff are wonderful miracle workers.


    ~ E.D. and Family ~

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    While I hiked and climbed up to where I took it from I thought about all the people (especially Dr. Greenhow) who helped me get there….(literally).
    It has been about a year and a half since surgery and not a day goes by that I don’t remember the experience and am grateful for the opportun...

    ~ L T ~

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    Yesterday i had my six-week follow-up for my right hip replacement by Dr. Greenhow. I cant tell you how amazed I am with the pain-free experience from the time of surgery to yesterday! I only had to take Tylenol after my surgery! Dr. Greenhow is the BEST!! He has given me my life back after research...

    ~ V .N ~

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    Although I have always referred all my patients and my family to Peak Orthopedics as it is, I had no idea what to expect when it came time for my own total hip replacement!

    Dr Craig Loucks was unbelievable! The procedure only took one hour in an outpatient surgical center and I was ho...

    ~ Dr. R. Snook, MD. ~

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